Translational medicine is the transformation of laboratory research outcomes into new ways to diagnose and treat patients to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. It takes promising biomedical innovations 'from bench to bedside' and bridges clinical needs from bedside to bench. European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine (EATRIS) provides a new development pathway, open to researchers and companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations. EATRIS comprises over 70 leading academic institutions across Europe, each renowned for its individual and high-end research facilities.

Solution by EATRIS is to integrate academic translational research and medicine centers.

EATRIS-ERIC will combine centers of excellence by bringing them together, integrating and harmonizing them and coordinating the complementary activities of these centers and providing access to third parties to cutting edge technologies and the range of expertise embedded in academic institutes about molecular mechanisms capable of optimizing the R&D process, from discovery to the clinic. This may lead to an increase of the amount and quality of translational projects entering the R&D pipeline and being brought to the clinical phase The R&D pipeline in Europe will benefit greatly from this access. In doing so, Europe can regain some of the lost ground in global competitiveness within the life sciences domain, and at the same time tackle the pressing and relevant problems associated with major chronic diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases and neuro-psychiatric disorders

Specific contribution to the research in the Czech Republic.

EATRIS-ERIC-CZ aims to create a dynamic and collaborative environment that will utilize cross-institutional chemical, biomedical and clinical research and accelerate its translation into improved clinical practice leading to better patient healthcare. It will unify Czech premier academic institutions and the hospitals with a focused research partnership that respects the diversity and tradition of its constituent institutions while embracing their unique strengths and capabilities. EATRIS-ERIC-CZ will embrace new developments and will position the Czech Republic as an internationally recognized centre of excellence in molecular and translational medicine directly linked to EATRIS-ERIC and other biomedical science infrastructures.

The operation of EATRIS-ERIC-CZ is expected to facilitate:

  • Creating trans-institutional research clusters with focused programs that will utilize state-of-the-art technologies to increase our knowledge of pathogenesis, diagnostics and the treatment of commonly acquired diseases.
  • Generating a resource network resource of chemical libraries, tissue samples, genetic material, genotypic and phenotypic data that enables the evaluation of clinical hypotheses leading to earlier diagnosis and improved therapeutic strategies.
  • Identification of new diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers and potential novel molecular targets for serious and life-threatening human diseases using high-throughput screening.
  • Validation of selected unique targets and biomarkers in clinically relevant models and situations.
  • Identification of untested structural small molecular motifs as a potential structures for further drug development
  • Researcher mobility and technology transfer within the Czech Republic and Europe.
  • Training of multidisciplinary experts in genetics, biology, chemistry, cancer research and translational medicine
  • Developing, attracting and retaining world-class research and clinical scientists to an environment where multiple career track opportunities are promoted.
  • Building a multi-disciplinary education curriculum that is informed by the biopharmaceutical industry and which enables career-long learning.
  • Securing appropriate financing for competitive multi-investor research proposals and making our combined resources (including citywide technology cores) available to enable academic researchers and clinician scientists to attract individual funding.
  • Building strategic partnership with the bio-pharmaceutical industry and international academic and clinical research centres.
  • Offering a professional, accessible interface that facilitates exploitation of our research knowledge and educational resources on behalf of the participating institutions.

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